This mix takes me back to the sound I fell in love with when I discovered  progressive house/trance. I love a wide variety of music and many different genres within the EDM scene but this sound has a special place in my heart. Its perfect for a summer day, lounging on the beach, or by the pool. If you have been enjoying the podcast and mixes please take a moment to leave a review in iTunes (click here to learn how to do this)  and subscribe to the awesome life newsletter. Enjoy the mix!
Track Listing:

Fifteen (feat. Chela) – Goldroom

Figure – Anoraak

Across the World – Bianco Soleil

Nothing Out Here (Silent Groove Remix) – Nigel Good

Serenity – Lumidelic

Make A Wish – Gregory Esayan

Hope (Gregory Esayan Remix) – Roald Velden

Far Out to Sea (Bee Hunter Remix) – Sergey Alekseev & Max Xsavien

Elevation – Lesh

One Thousand Suns – Ferry Corsten feat.Chicane

Innerspace (Dan & Sam Intro Remix) – Gregory Esayan

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