A little Indie Dance mix to brighten your day. Tons of super fun remix/ sampled tracks from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s including, Notorious B.I.G, Bob Marley, Dire Straights, Vanilla Ice, and Ace of Base to name a few. If you have been enjoying the podcast and mixes please take a moment to leave a review in iTunes (click here to learn how to do this)  and subscribe to the awesome life newsletter. Enjoy the mix!

Track Listing:

Animal Nature – Escort

Silhouette – Goldroom

Slicker than Your Average-  Discotron

Could You Be Loved – Jl & Afterman

Feels Like Summer – Sons of Maria

Play with Me – Platinum Doug

Black Betty – Jl & Afterman

Actor Out of Work (JKriv remix) – Escort

Gone Tomorrow (Me & My Toothbrush remix) – Lika Morgan

Money Only – Ramon Kreisler

Disco Heat – Calvin Harris

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