This mix is a little more uptempo and progressive than the previous two mixes. I did a remix for cryophonik (wanderlust) that never got released and I have included it in this mix. There is a Fleetwood Mac remix, and a Chris Issac remix in here as well. I hope you enjoy the mix as much as I did putting it together. If you have been enjoying the podcast and mixes please take a moment to leave a review in iTunes (click here to learn how to do this)  and subscribe to the awesome life newsletter.

Track Listing

Long Way Home (extended mix)- Gareth Emery

Dreams (Psychemagik remix)- Fleetwood Mac

Boarding (Mindset’s Summershine Remix) – Funtom Cruisers

Wicked Game (club mix) – David Call vs Chris Issac

Action Hero (Progressive Mix) – EDU

Wanderlust (Avery Parker aka Adrian Eimerl remix)- cryophonik

Shadows Movement – Michael Cassette

Colours (feat. Else Born) [Petar Dundov Remix] – Horixon

Nova 7 (Alan Morris Remix) – Sean Tyas, Darren Porter

Autumn (Tom Fall ‘M.A.T.E.’ Remix) – Jason Bradberry

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