Awesome Life mix 001  is the first DJ mix of the Awesome Life podcast. I love Satin Jackets! Music has always made my days a little more awesome. My wish is that this mix puts a smile on your face, a wiggle in your step, and makes your day a little more awesome. Our family has been grooving out to it. There are 2 80’s tracks that have been sampled in this mix. Can you name them? Please share your answers in the comments below. Enjoy!

Track list:

01 Gelee Royale – Satin Jackets

02 Shine A Light (flight facilities remix) – The C90s

03 Olivia – Satin Jackets

04 Girl Forever- Satin Jackets

05 Body Trouble- Antilope

06 Hollywood- Satin Jackets

07 You make me feel good (Radio Edit)- Satin Jackets

 08 You & I- Sons of Maria

09 I need you- Sons of Maria

10 Its not over- Labtracks

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