Have you ever felt sick and tired of your life? You just know there is more to life than this. How did my life end up like this anyway? 5 years ago that is exactly were Benny Hsu was at. Hating his job, over weight, unhealthy, and so frustated with his life that his hair was falling out. Fast forward to 2015, Benny, has transformed his life to live on his own terms, has created a successful online t- shirt business, developed several smart phone apps, and runs a successful blog and podcast.  What I love about Benny most is his down to earth attitude, and his willingness to share what he has learned with everyone.bennyhsu

Episode 007 of the Awesome Life podcast is an interview with Benny Hsu. I caught up with him right after he had returned from a vacation to Dubai. He shares his story and what has worked for him and mistakes he has made on his journey to get busy living.

You can check out his get busy living blog here, which is all about helping and inspiring you to live an epic life.


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