Our minds are like a glass of water. Each day we are adding water to our glass. For most of us the majority of the water we are adding to our glass is dirty. Our minds are filled with mostly dirty water. Part of cultivating what’s missing in our lives is putting clean water in our glass but also minimizing the dirty water that is being added. In our society today we have almost become desensitized to how dirty the water is that is going into our glass, because it is being poured in so often and it such qualities, we have forgotten what clean water feels like. In What’s Missing pt 2 I share with you some sources of this dirty water, and how I recognized them.

What’s Missing part 2 is a follow up to episode 018 of the show. If you have not listened to 018 yet it might help you to have a bit better perspective on this episode. At the end of episode 018 I spoke about some techniques I have used to help me find, and cultivate what was missing. This episode is the first in sharing some of those techniques.

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