For the last 15 plus years personal development has been a big part of Lyndi Eimerl’s life. Countless seminars, books, audios, conferences, retreats, events, workshops. All of these have severed her tremendously well and added tremendous value to her life. About a year ago she realized despite all the growth something was still missing. In her words:

“My soul was still craving more. There was something missing, something not coming in that I craved so much.”

She also realized there were a lot of other women who felt the same desires and frustrations she did. Out of this came the authentically YOU sisterhood.

In this episode Lyndi’s talks about her journey to rediscovering her authentic self, gives a few tips on living in a more intentional and authentic way, as well as discussing the authentically YOU sisterhood and the events she is putting on.

Lyndi has an event coming up February 20th in Sacramento, Ca. You can get info here. Space is limited so register ASAP.

I may be biased because I love her and think she is the most incredible wife, mother, and partner I could have ever dreamed of, but I loved doing this episode and love what Lyndi is offering the world. I am excited to share this episode with all of you!

Lyndi Eimerl

Authentically You Sisterhood

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