For many years I had this subtle knowing that something was missing. I could not put my finger on exactly what it was. I had been studying personal development for many years, reading books, listening to audios, attending conventions, and seminars, and the majority of what I was learning was having me searching in the wrong place for what’s missing. I was taught, cultured, and influenced to do more, accomplish more, get more recognition and awards, earn more money, run a faster race, get in better shape, build a bigger business, buy a bigger home, get a nicer car, buy nicer clothes, take nicer vacations, get nicer gadgets, and eat at nicer restaurants and then I would find what was missing.

Although doing these things was often fun and rewarding the feeling was temporary and soon enough I was back to setting new goals and striving for more in search of what’s missing. The reality is it never worked. The sense of joy and fulfillment, no matter how much of these things I did, accomplished, or consumed, was always temporary or non existent. I was just like the vast majority of people in our society, striving, striving, striving, yet never arriving.

About 5 years ago I caught a glimpse of what was missing, and slowly started to look in a different place for it.  I finally figured out not only where to look, but how to look.

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