Growing up the son of a physicist has some benefits. From playing with table top lasers and prisms, to getting a scientific explanation to almost every question a kid can ask, to learning about black holes, there was never a dull moment. I remember one such conversation at the dinner table getting a detailed explanation from my Dad about how much energy was stored in a brownie and how many homes could be powered if we were able to harness it. We didn’t try, we ate the brownie instead.

As I got older our conversation started to shift to deeper subjects about science & physics, what it can explain, what it cannot, what does it all mean and is there a place for spirituality in all of this. I have read many books, articles, and blogs regarding this subject. However, discussing this with my Dad has alway been one of my favorite perspectives because of  his deep understanding of physics and quantum mechanics, and his background studying the bible and the history of Jesus. However he would not tell me his opinion on spirituality. He would answer my questions but when I asked “what do you think Dad” his response was always  “everyone needs to figure it out for themselves.”

This is why I am so excited to bring you guys episode AL017, an interview with my Dad, Dr. David Eimerl. We discuss a few subjects but my favorite is the conversation around mysticism & the scientific method.  Dr. Eimerl has a Ph’D in nuclear physics which he completed at age 23, (I was still drinking beer and finishing my undergrad degree at  23 lol). He studied at Oxford University in England, Northwestern University and UC San Diego. He has worked in the field of laser physics for close to 40 years, has a passion for fusion, does expert witness work in patent law, and runs a successful consulting business.

Affectionately dubbed “an Einstein for the cyber age,” Dr. Eimerl is an innovative conceptual designer who holds three patents in glass laser technologies. During his more than thirty years developing software applications for complex laser and optical devices, he has published 130 research papers in peer-reviewed physics, engineering and computer science journals.

It’s always a pleasure to have these conversations with my Dad, and I am happy he agreed to be on the podcast so I can share it with all of you guys. Enjoy!



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