By now my guess is most of you have heard of the law of attraction.After learning about the law of attraction have you ever asked yourself any of these questions:

Why does the same old crap keep showing up in my life? Why don’t I seen to get anywhere? Why can’t I find what I want? Why can’t I get out of this financial hole? Why can’t I find the partner I want? Why can’t I get in shape and healthy? Why do I seem to be going backwards?

I know I certainly have. What I realized in my day to day experience was although I knew ‘thoughts attract things’ and thought I understood the law of attraction I didn’t understand why it didn’t seem to be working in my life. What I realized was it had always been working I just was not using the law of attraction  effectively to attract the things I wanted.

 The law of attraction did not seem to be working for me until I made this simple shift.

Ask and It is Given

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