Feeling overwhelmed? Too much to do? Are you getting down on yourself? Many of us fall into this sort of mindset. As a busy Mother of 3 children and a business owner, Lyndi Eimerl fell into the trap of perfectionism.  Her to-do lists got longer and longer, and she was in a constant state of overwhelm from striving to be perfect and to meet everyone’s expectations of her.  As a result, she was distracted and not fully present with her family and was overlooking the joy in her life.   In Episode 008 of the Awesome Life podcast (AL008) Lyndi discusses how she spent years letting the go-go-go mindset overtake her and how she learned to be more present, more joyful and get more done, all by releasing perfectionism.



There was a time when doing headstands during laundry time would have triggered my stressed out, go-go-go, hurried, serious, perfectionist mama self. But not anymore. Today I choose love. Today I choose joy. Today I choose connection. Today I choose ease. Today I choose gentleness. – Lyndi Eimerl

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