The Awesome Life podcast with Adrian Eimerl explores balancing outward success with inward joy and happiness. Real people, Real stories, practical advice.  Life is journey. Why can’t we steer ourselves in a specific direction and enjoy each day of the journey on the way to our destination?

Here you can listen to each episode and find show notes for every episode of the Awesome Life podcast.

AL019: authentically YOU sisterhood with Lyndi Eimerl

AL018: what’s missing

AL017: mysticism & the scientific method with David Eimerl

AL016: using the law of attraction effectively

AL015: meditation will make you better at life with Chad Foreman

AL014: you will fail in 2016

AL013: learning with Leanna Pareja

AL012: giving up & beach money with Jordan Adler

AL011: unreasonable decisions with Michael Teh

AL010: gratitude & dealing with big challenges with Sean O’Connor

AL009: replacing “I have to” with “I get to”

AL008: Lyndi Eimerl & releasing perfectionism

AL007: get busy living with Benny Hsu

AL006: pay yourself first

AL005: Liquid Mind & the table of life

AL004: 120 pound weight loss – Jeremy Donati

AL003: motivation doesn’t work

AL002: Lessons from my homeless friend Greg

AL001: my story and the balance between outward success & inward happiness


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