When you hear the name Tarzan what do you think of? Personally I think, of a half naked dude swinging effortlessly among the trees of the jungle.

The real life Tarzans are cute hairy apes called Gibbons. Gibbons are masters of the treetops, leaping and bounding at high speed, effortlessly through the canopy. They can leap over 25 feet between branches and trees. They make it look effortless. They make Tarzan look weak and lethargic at best. Scientists tells us that we are smarter than Gibbons, which may be true, but they are certainly wiser than most of us.

Gibbons are designed by nature to fly though the canopy, with long arms, and incredible shoulder and OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAarm strength. However, it’s not these physical attributes that make the gibbon wiser than us. In fact, without their “secret wisdom” the gibbon’s long arms and great strength would remain useless.

So what is their “secret wisdom”? It’s their mindset. They know that to move to somewhere better they must let go of the current branch they are holding onto, and have faith that a better place to land exists.

 Can you imagine seeing a gibbon that never leaped, and just clung to the same tree for the rest of its life because he was full of excuses? I can’t either, yet this is how so many of us live our lives.

 Many of us spend a lot of time in our own heads, wanting, wishing, and praying for something better in our lives. Maybe we want a better relationship, better friends, a better job, more freedom, more money, more happiness, or to feel and look better. Maybe we want to start a new hobby, get our pilot’s license, start a business or blog, or start painting. Even though we dream about it day in and day out we find excuses to put it off and just stay where we are and cling to what is. We seek comfort in what is familiar, even though it is not what we truly desire. See, in order for something better to come into our lives we must first make space for it by letting go of what is.

The gibbon knows this. This wisdom is engrained deep within them. They know that they will not get 8361453653_706755bb2f (1)very far if they never let go of the branch they are clinging to. In order to move to the next branch they must let go of the current one, and have faith the next one will support him. Armed with this wisdom, these gibbons will leap over 25 feet or more between branches, (a hundred feet above the earth) letting go of everything, and literally flying through the air on faith that the next tree will hold them. They risk everything, and let go of what is, on faith! This faith is what allows the gibbon to awaken and express there god given talents and abilities and inspire awe in all who see them fly though the trees. Without this wisdom their abilities and talents would go unrealized.

We must have faith that there is something better out there for us. There is a happier more fulfilling life. There is a better relationship. There is a better way to earn a living. There are better influences and friends for us. This faith will give us the courage to let go of the branch we are clinging to right now. If you’re not happy with something in your life right now, let go of it. Have faith that something better is out there for you. It cannot come to you unless you let go of what is and make space for it.

Many of us are trapped in our peer groups and social circles, spending most of our day with the same people, doing the same things, having the same conversations, eating the same things, watching the same mind numbing stuff on TV and on our smart phone. We are just surviving the day, wanting something better, but clinging to our routines, not because they fulfill us but because they are familiar.

How is something better going to come in to your life if you only spend time with the same people, doing the same things, and having the same conversations, and going through the same routine? If you want to live better you need to make space in your life for something better to come in.

article-0-0D6202CE00000578-441_468x300 (1)Like the Gibbon with all their awesome physical traits, you too have gifts and traits inside of you. They are itching to be expressed. You were designed by nature to be happy, and live a joyous, intentional life. Its time to have faith, and leap, allowing our talents, hopes, and dreams to be expressed fully.

Personally, in my life, every time I have acted from my highest self, and let go of something that I was clinging to and jumped, something better has always come along. Every time! The interesting thing about this though, is that knowing this fact doesn’t make it any easier for me to let go of the branch. I have to remind myself of this every time. The next time I am in a similar situation I find myself clinging to the branch, again!

What do you long for? What will really make you happy? What un-realized potential inherent in your nature is going un-realized because you hold onto what is? What are you clinging to that’s holding you back? When will you let go and leap, and become the person you are meant to be?

Release it, have faith and jump… a better life will be there for you, this I know.

Have you taken a leap of faith into the unfamiliar? Please share in the comments below.