My name is Adrian.  I have an awesome life.  I have 3 awesome children.  Both my wife, Lyndi, and I are able to be home with them as much as we want.  We don’t have jobs or a boss or someone dictating our time.  We never have.  This allows us the freedom to live awesome lives.

An awesome life is one you live on your own terms, with the freedom to pursue your passions, without loosing your identity in them.

Here are some of mine:
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I like to run.  I run up to 60 miles a week.  I’m part of a local road racing team.  I also produce and DJ EDM.  I decided to learn how a few years back and within a  short period of time I had multiple releases on various music labels and was DJing in one of the most famous night clubs in the world.

I like to scuba dive.  I have been blessed to dive with sharks and manta rays in Costa Rica, hundreds of sea turtles in Hawaii, and giant lobsters in the Carribean.
Chickens are awesome. We have 6.  I love sitting outside and watching chicken tv.  It’s73414_1600368980334_1085893_n like watching an awesome pack of little dinosaurs.  Even better are the fresh organic, free range eggs they provide for our family.

Most important to me is my family.  My wife is the most awesome person I know.  I married up (it’s okay Lyndi knows this and she is okay with it).  After 13 years of marriage I look forward
to seeing Lyndi every day.  We are closer today than we have ever been.  I think she is the most amazing creature on the planet.  We spend a lot of quality time with our 3 children.  I am blessed to be their father.  They are my biggest teachers with regards to living an awesome life.

How was this all possible for me?IMG_2226

Back when we were in college, Lyndi got us started with a home based business.  Our
goal at the time was just to earn an extra $1,000/month.  We started to learn a lot about growing our business, and more importantly about growing ourselves.  By the time I graduated we were earning enough to avoid corporate America.  Over time we grew our business into a multi- million dollar enterprise.  This has been one of the biggest blessings in our lives.  It provides money and time freedom so we can focus on what’s important to us.

I have spent 15+ years working daily to make my life a little more awesome each day.  I have spoken to and trained 1175148_186200281561040_1670261429_nthousands of people from around the world (sometimes in packed arenas that seat over 18,000 people) on things they can do to live an awesome life.
I used to think an awesome life was all about material wealth, recognition, and accomplishment.  I spent years chasing these things thinking that once I achieved them I would be happy. I was always striving for more, but never arriving. What I learned about true happiness, joy, love, and fulfillment has been the greatest lesson of all: JOY IS WITHIN YOU.

Although material success may be a component of an awesome life, there is so much more.  In fact, these alone will not make you happy and fulfilled.  If all you had was material wealth, recognition, and accomplishment, then your life would not be awesome at all.  If you don’t believe me, all you need to do is take look at the countless celebrities who “have it all” and still end up with addiction problems, broken relationships, and legal issues.

I want you to live an awesome life.  The truth is all you need to live an awesome life exists inside of you already.  You just need to remember it, unlock it, and give it away.

22601_415256738655392_6165128006989205557_nMy goal here is to share ageless wisdom that has helped me unlock the awesomeness inside me.  Simple things that you can implement in your daily life, that will make you a happier more fulfilled person, and live an awesome life.

Here’s to an awesome life!
All the Best,